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New Hope Missionary Baptist Church


Future Story

The future at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church is filled with much HOPE.

We envision a vibrant Holy Spirit filled worship experience and the Word of God being preached boldly and unaltered. We visualize services with multiple choirs and musicians all singing and playing in a blended style of music that is truly "worshipful" and pleasing in God’s sight. We picture people of different ethnicities and age groups worshiping as one, responding to the Spirit of God, and coming to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, with the waters of baptism being stirred often! We feel the power of prayer taking hold as our members frequently cry out for God’s presence and guidance.

We envision believers being trained as teachers and emerging as mentors with a desire to create outreach focused small groups and pass the faith to the next generation. We desire many new men and women from the community attending a discipleship group using a strong curriculum with an emphasis on sound biblical teaching. Our leaders continually search for opportunities to train, utilize, and involve all members in the Lord’s mission. We see small groups being developed that have a greater focus on strengthening marriages and building up the family dynamic so that parents can be involved with their kids learning to be more like Jesus Christ, both at Church and at home.

We envision, at New Hope Missionary Baptist church, our Children and Youth ministries providing greater opportunities for reaching the entire family with the gospel. We foresee members of all ages playing a greater role in mentoring within our Children and Youth ministries, allowing them to grow as church teachers and leaders. We picture a Family Ministry Center with great potential for events with the main goal of winning the lost through the Gospel of Christ.

We envision a greater heart for evangelism and outreach in our members and ministries. As we look outward, we see New Hope partnering with groups in the community to better identify needs. We desire to meet those needs through the spiritual gifts and skills that are available within the Church, with the goal of sharing Jesus in a practical way. We see a digital sign outside, functioning to inform the un-churched community and to promote programs within the Church. We envision an internet ministry that effectively promotes the Gospel locally and internationally. We foresee our support of missions continuing to thrive and grow with members participating in mission trips both domestically and beyond.

We envision an environment that is inviting, well-equipped , adequately maintained, and secure. We see a renovated nursery and preschool area and classrooms occupied with newly formed Sunday school classes using the latest technology. We see physically challenged members and guests fully able to access any part of any building. We desire to utilize available space and build new space for future staff and facilities as new ministry opportunities become realities. We picture New Hope Missionary Baptist Church being free of any debt. We want our eleven plus acre campus being used for God’s glory, offering new ministries such as a "community garden", sporting activities, and other family centered events.

Most importantly, we see the Holy Spirit working in the lives of New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, igniting growth in God’s Kingdom for God’s Glory through Jesus Christ!